Day 711 – Late night pick-up

Nothing so sleazy as you might be thinking. Actually, my Dad from the airport on a delayed flight from Amsterdam. Delayed initially by several lockdowns, then by Omicron, and then by one of Schipol’s baggage lifts malfunctioning.
Each of the delays thankfully being somewhat less severe than its predecessor.

But it was a really late night last night and then something of a “normal” school morning this morning, albeit with additional grandparentery. So tonight will simply feature a low key braai (it would be nice if the southeaster would relent for the evening while we’re at it, please) and – I’m imagining – an early bedtime for us all, meaning that tomorrow and the forthcoming days can be enjoyed without this deathly, sleep-deprived hangover feeling.

And then we can get on with enjoying some quality time drinking wine doing the things that we enjoy and creating lasting memories.

And drinking wine.

Day 692 – Early night

I’m in Hout Bay where my daughter has a riding lesson. The plan was to write a blog post when I got home, but I’ve hit a bit of a metaphorical wall, having stayed up way too late watching football last night.

Writing a blog post will help to keep me awake.

So I thought I’d lob something up here while there is some zigzagging with a cowboy grip going on in front of me. There aren’t any cows around, but I guess it makes sense to be prepared. You never know.

Safety first. Or maybe safety after a quick nap on the sun.