Day 376 – Ridehorsing

It’s the last day of the kids’ school holiday, and I’ve been drafted in to take one of them to the stables in Hout Bay.

Mrs 6000 usually likes to come out here, because she’s a much bigger fan of horses than I am, but she’s busy at work this morning, so I’m watching on instead.

And I have to say that there are probably worse places to spend an hour or so…

…especially after yesterday’s meteorological aberration.


Mrs 6000 took the kids horseriding this afternoon. I went along to meet them as they finished, only to find that they were running late and hadn’t even started. I then walked for an hour through dusty vineyards in the searing heat wearing flops and full length 501’s. It wasn’t exactly what I had planned.

Still, the kids had a great time and Cape Town was showing off a bit with the weather and the vines. I had my camera with me, so I was able to document things and you can see some of the results in the (now almost completed) summer holiday album here. If they ever upload. Things are slow this evening. 0.28Mbps slow. Ugh.

Such exertions left us all tired, hungry and thirsty, so in order to sate at least two of those issues (and to say goodbye to the holidays because we have commitments on Monday and Tuesday evening before the kids return to school on Wednesday), a visit to Col’Cacchios was called for. They sell pizza and beer, and neither has ever been more welcome.