Day 292 – What advice would the vicar give to Jeremy?

I’d love to blog, but I’m still laughing at two things:

Firstly, this tweet: (it’s screenshotted below in case you can’t see it for some reason)

(And that was only half of it!)

…and secondly, the oUtRaGeD replies to it.

I have loads of advice that I’d love to give Jezza and his disciples, but this is a family blog, so I can’t share that here.

On UK politics

As Helen Zille puts foot firmly into mouth with her “Colonialism wasn’t ALL bad” tweet, thus conveniently removing the spotlight of the SASSA scandal from the rotten and rotting ANC, I spotted this on twitter this morning.
Not sure whose words, but… well… yes.

Yep. It’s free rein for the Conservatives at the moment. Theresa May could poo on the front lawn of Buckingham Palace on live TV* and she’d still win the next election by a landslide. Helen Zille? Not so much.

* not a campaign suggestion.