Big Numbers

We constantly hear numbers being used on the news and elsewhere in our daily lives, but do we actually think about what they mean and how they relate to one another?

This site: not only gets your grey matter working, it also helps you to put some some context to some of the big numbers you hear every day.

And some you probably don’t.

Who knew that a Brown Bear was so fast? (Me; I did.)
And that a Californian Sea Lion would beat a Komodo Dragon in a swimming/running race?

Plenty more questions where that came from. Be warned: it’s quite addictive.

Life’s a Beach

Spring is still not here. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the best of what we have:


Here are two excited children heading down to the beach at Rasper Punt in the Agulhas National Park, fishing nets in hand, before collecting most of the South African population of crustaceans and heading back for a well deserved lunch.
What you can’t see is the chilly, near gale force wind that was blowing off the sea. But the sun was out, and it wasn’t raining – and two out of three ain’t bad.