Up, up and away

I have no idea if the place we’re overnighting tonight has any sort of cell signal. It certainly doesn’t have wifi and that’s kind of the idea of the trip:  something of a digital detox. With brandy.

Thus, this post was written yesterday evening, just after this one. Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, I’ll have had a few hours of decent sleep, otherwise today and all the plans that have been made will be a complete shambles.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to an early night, so here’s a quote I saw on twitter the other day and Pocketed to share:

The sheriff used to walk around with a Bible in his chest pocket, and one day that Bible stopped a bullet. True story. Stopped a bullet cold. And if he had had another Bible in front of his face he might be alive to tell this story.

This appealed to me because I’ve always wondered why no-one ever shoots somewhere other than the bulletproof Bible (or vest).

For the record, I don’t carry any sort of religious library around with me, so you can shoot wherever you like.

Temporary condition

This rather bold statement:

atheism-1from here.

There are other interesting images on that post as well. Namely the two shots of the placard on (I think) Fargate in Sheffield, featuring words from the Bible.
It reminded me of going to the football as a kid and seeing the old man in the fluorescent orange waistcoat* on John Street with a placard. Every game, without fail, he’d be there, standing in the middle of the (closed) road outside turnstile 33. On one side of his sign was: “CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS” and on the other, more ominously ahead of any important match: “THE END IS NIGH”.

I suppose that “Nigh” (like “Temporary”) is a subjective measure of time: we’re 30+ years on and “The End” has yet to come.
Still, I guess that when it does, he’ll be able to claim that he was right all along.

* I didn’t think this memory could be right, but having looked it up, TIL that amazingly, hi-vis jackets have been around since the 1960’s.