Ruth Archibald: A brave, brave woman

In a country in which white people “stick out like sore thumbs” and “are persecuted by black people”; a country in which “there is a hatred of what we did to them” and “it’s all about the colour of your skin”, I give you The Canadian High Commissioner, Her Excellency Ruth Archibald. (She’s the one on the left).


Quite how the Canadian Government could put a white person in such danger by posting her to South Africa, I don’t know. In doing so, I feel it demonstrates “clear and convincing proof of that state’s inability or unwillingness to protect her”.

Please someone – anyone – send the helicopters and SWAT teams to get her safely back to Ottawa.

More serious note: Image from SA Army site, detailing a ceremony honouring two SANDF members who had saved the lives of Canadian soldiers serving in Sudan. Worth a read.

11 thoughts on “Ruth Archibald: A brave, brave woman

  1. Been following your stuff with interest on this subject. Chose not to join in the arguments.

    Can’t resist commenting on this one: It is brilliant.

    Keep up the clever work.


  2. This is a very simple, yet brilliant bit of work.

    Superbly thought out and executed. Thank you for defending the pride of our wonderful country.

  3. Bwahahaha.

    They should seriously recall her – so as not to look like complete idiots. Oh. wait. They’re Canadians. Too late.

  4. The only danger she’s in, is having to source more sausage rolls! The two of them are clearly out…! Who’s the dangerous “ou” next to her?

  5. It’s noticable how the guilty whine and moan when hit!

    When I was a little guy, my brother and I used to throw stones at the chickens in our neighbours chicken run. When we eventually hit one of them, they would kick up such a fuss. When this happened we knew we hit one with our small stones (that’s what little boys do).
    This analogy represents the noise comming out of South African camp, for they have been hit with the Truth! And they don’t like it….funny dat.

    If the millions of South Africans who left their country of birth were to stand up now to be counted and told what made them leave, then we will have a lot of red faces (if that were possible).

    With the SWC around the corner the ANC is doing everything to stop bad publicity, but the reality is, the proof of this is in the eating. In other words, the reality is there is reverse Apartheid in SA, the pendalum has swung around, instead of coming to rest it has swung to the other end..this is the reality!

    Those whites who are also in this chorus of whining live in rich homes with 2m high security boundary fences with armed gaurds patrolling their streets. Who wants to live like this?

    Is this what we voted for? Me thinks we were duped.

  6. Fargo > Appreciate your comment. Thanks.

    Robnot > It kinda wrote itself, if I’m honest.

    CG > 😉

    HH > She’s trying to divert your attention away from the cutain she’s wearing. It seems to have worked.

    Sandra > SA has no shortage of sausage rolls. At least, it didn’t until Ruth Archibald arrived.

    Paddy > You and your sort must have been hit a whole lot then, cos all I ever get is whining emails and comments anytime I pubish anything vaguely positive about SA. But you know everything and have your finger right on the pulse of SA, since you only live 12,000 km from Cape Town and a mere 14,000 from Ottawa.
    How is the land of the Long White Cloud today?

    DW > I’m not surprised. She’s just been told there are no more sausage rolls.

    Stan > On the left. I’m almost certain.

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