Huntley never laid charges with cops

Oh dear. The Brandon Huntley case just gets worse and worse and worse for him, for Canada and for the hundreds of paranoid expats who have jumped on the negativity bandwagon, as the Mail & Guardian reports:

Brandon Huntley, the South African who was granted refugee status by Canada, never laid any charges with the police to back up his claims that he was attacked seven times in his home country.
He told immigration officials in Canada that black people had attacked him on seven different occasions and that white people were not safe in South Africa.

More evidence that this whole issue is a complete farce. 

“I’ve opened people’s eyes,” Huntley told the Star.

You certainly have, Brandon. To the fact that you are a ill-educated, unemployable, desperate, lying, racist cock.

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  1. Goblin > I’m sure he doesn’t care at all. I’m just exposing the truth on the whole issue. One could lose sight of that if you only read his side, because it’s all a bit lie-y.

  2. This case reminds me of the Zimbabwean nurse who broke the terms of her work permit (in the UK) when she appeared as a contestant on the TV show Big Brother.

    She claimed that she could not return to Zimbabwe because she came out as a lesbian on the show and would be persecuted if made to return. She was granted refugee status by the UK.

    Her case was just as ridiculous as this case, but what they both have in common is they found the legal loopholes and they used it to their advantage!

    Good on them!

    This Huntley character merely wants to live a life outside of Africa and managed to get a lawyer clever enough to work the system for him. Does he really think he will be targeted for being white? Of course not! But will he really say as much to the panel deciding his fate? NO.

    Every day people are finding loopholes to enable them to move freely as they please (without governments imposing silly restrictions on them). I congratulate him. If any South African wants to leave, let them.

    It is a shame that the beautiful SA will suffer from the brain drain though.

    I’m an ex-pat South African who managed to work the immigration system in his favour to enable me to work in the UK and provide for my family. Unfortunately many people are not afforded this luxury. (And they then resort to these bizarre claims)

    Is Huntley desperate? Yes. Lying? Quite possibly. Racist? Who knows. But the author of this blog has obviously lived in SA long enough and has learnt to tar people with the ‘racist brush’ so easily and without any real knowledge of the person.

  3. We know the police – newspapers reports of police making racist remarks at individuals, the drunk judge making racist remarks. I called the police during a breakin – they told me they have no vehicles to send out, some time later with another breakin, they would send someone to come do fingerprints – four months later they wanted to do this. What is the use of reporting anything – have you ever tried doing this at a police station – EISH, EHHHH !!! Hey it`s the idea to treat you the same way they doing in Zimbabwe, they get away with it there, and SA is following the good example…

  4. ignatius > As I keep saying – my gripe is the way he got in and the way they let him in – not his decision to leave SA.
    As for your comments on whether he is lying or whether he is racist – by the definition of his case, he actually HAS to be at least one or the other. I’m going with both.

    john > My colleague’s car was broken into last week (GASP – crime happens in SA!!!!!). The fingerpint guy was here at my work within 2 hours of the case being reported) – that was quicker than the colleague made it in!

    Regarding your Zim comment, when exactly IS SA going to turn into “another Zimbabwe”. I’ve been hearing it promised for SO LONG now and I really hoped Zuma would tip the balance, but I find myself still here, still happy and nowhere near Harare.
    Can I have a specific date, please?

  5. Recently my 16 year old daughter and a friend was attacked, fortunately a neighbour drove past…saw what was happening and reversed. This time she got off with just her cellphone stolen and a cut from the knife which was held at her throat even after she gave up her cellphone. These kids were on their way home from a Scouting meeting, where they are taught to make a difference in our country, tolerance and service to the community.

    A visit to the police station ended in major frustration – they would not open a case, as we did not have the blacklisting number for the cellphone (this was a Friday evening and could not be obtained until the Monday). To them it was about the case number for insurance on the cellphone, not the fact that she and the guy with her were attacked. They quite clearly stated that they would just accept a statement about the cellphone being stolen.

    This happened about 6pm, 50m from our house. No, we don’t stay in a rough neighbourhood, but we have people who think it is their right to take what is not theirs coming into the neighbourhood. We are an average family, no bling, drive cars which are older than 10 years, don’t spend R1000’s on luxury goods, involved in the community, encourage our kids to see all people as equal. They have true friends across the colour spectrum, who regularly visit.

    Due to the risk of HIV infection (she was not sure if it was just her blood involved) she had to go onto ARV’s for a month. This happened just before exams, so in addition to dealing with the trauma, she was constantly nauseous and tired. This impacted on her exam marks. She has to go for blood tests at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months to make sure that she does not have HIV. Not only was her cellphone stolen, but also her peace of mind.

    In the last 20 years, we have had in excess of 30 burglaries. We have spent R1000’s of rands on security alarms, linked to security companies to help our kids get over the trauma and do our bit to help the police fight crime.

    The last time our back door was hacked to pieces, we were told by the policewoman “eish, you should not have so many nice things, it is your fault for tempting the people” After all those burglaries, I never replaced jewelry (which was never extravagant anyway). Yes, she was very serious – I double checked that. I was shocked to say the least. Eventually, you stop claiming from the insurance, unless it is something really big – it is just not worth the inflated insurance premiums.

    I can fully understand why people do not want to live in this country any more. As much as I will miss them, I will not stop my children when and if they decide to move elsewhere.

  6. Dreamfae > Thanks for the comment. And it’s terrible what has happened to your daughter. (Although, speaking as a microbiologist, the number of blood tests was a bit over the top).
    Yes, the SAPS is overstretched (as is the police force in the UK, btw).

    There’s no excuse for the reasction of the policewomen in question and you should report her. Things DO get done about that, SAPS WANTS to clean up it’s image. I have seen this regularly.

    But again – the number of burglaries you have experienced is exceptional – not the norm. And while you are (quite rightly) shouting about what has happened to you, the majority of people have lived safe, happy lives – and thus, we never hear their stories to balance the “bad news”.

  7. Maybe the point I was trying to make, is that despite the police force being overstretched, the least they could do is take down the statement. It gives a clearer picture of what is happening, but they are “adjusting” their crimestats by refusing to open cases where it is justified. Cellphone theft sounds so much better than being held up at knife point and causing bodily harm. Nobody expects them to solve every crime, but to refuse to take down a statement?

    The blood test are not at my insistence – it is the time periods specified by the doctor in attendance. Apparently up to the 3 months test it can still show a false negative? Be that as it may, only after 9 months can she really be given the all clear.

    I would love to hear where people live “Safe, happy lives” – maybe the property market in that area would experience a HUGE boom if it is made public. No, I am not being sarcastic. I really do yearn for a place where I can see my grand children live happy lives one day – not be locked up in the prisons we call “home”. I have come across very few people in the past 10 years who have not been directly or closely touched by crime. It also seems to be getting more violent – previously the thieves would wait until they are sure no one is home. The modus operandi these days seem to be to wait till the homeowners are home. This is going to take more than just a bit of PR from the SAPS side to rectify – it is going to take a huge attitude adjustment for a good portion of the force. I don’t doubt that there are good staff members, but they seem to be awfully few and far between.

    I hope you never have to listen to two small children having nightmares for months on end, reliving the terror of waking up with a burglar in their room. Just when some resemblance of normality returned, the next crime would rear it’s ugly head, keeping them in a state of constant terror. Every child is entitled to a safe environment and we have tried to keep a balanced view of the events, hoping things will improve. That hope is about the only thing which kept us in this country, which I love with all my heart.

  8. Dreamfae > I recognise that bad things happen in South Africa. Please don’t misunderstand that.
    But I maintain that those bad things are thrust out onto websites and into newspapers far more than the good things that happen, and thus we end up with a hugely skewed, negative perception.
    The things you describe do happen and they do affect the individuals involved. But they are not common, much less typical – they are just hugely publicised.

  9. Interesting how anything that contradicts your propaganda, is ‘extreme wierdo shit’????

    You afraid of your readers making their own decisions as to whether something contradicts your propaganda and lies?

  10. DwarfWhisper > As per my email to you:


    I’m all for free speech, but when spammed links are accompanied by allegations (or maybe even “proof”) that HIV was artificially created etc etc, then I tend to save my readers some time, effort and bandwidth.

    Not sure what I have supposedly lied about – the posts merely reflect my opinions, nor did I at any time use the word “shit” when referring to your comment. However, if the cap fits…

    If you think that I don’t allow comments whose content differs from my own viewpoint, I urge you to look again at many of the comments on the Brandon Huntley issue.
    I deleted one, for use of bad language. The rest are published and are answered.

    Best regards,


  11. DwarfWhisper > You published exactly the same comment on (at least) six different blogs – and those are just the ones I know about. You went through my blogroll and posted the same comment on several of those sites.

    That’s spam. That’s one of the reasons that I deleted it. You know the other.

  12. Your blogroll…

    I don’t even know where your blogroll is..

    I did a search on the story, one of the blogs taht came up was yours. I posted the comment, for anyone who may be interested in writing their own letter to the Minister on the issue. The comment was simply the address, the first two paragraphs, and a link to where more information could be found.

    It is what I consider sharing information.

    But you are not interested in sharing any information with your readers that does not fit your propaganda, nor in giving htem a means to express their ideas..

    No problem.. If your readers want to be dumb morons and be treated by you like they are dumb morons who can’t think for themselves..

    Hey.. that is their choice… You cannot stand free speech, cause you cannot debate the points….

  13. DwarfWhisper > Thanks for sharing your information. With loads of blogs. All over SA. In a spam-like fashion.

    As I have said, I have deleted one comment on this issue prior to your intrusion because the commenter used foul language and my mum reads this blog.
    As I state in the disclaimer, I reserve the right to publish, not publish or edit comments as I see fit. In commenting here, you agreed to those terms and conditions, so quit moaning.

    I doubt that you will gain much support for your dubious cause if you continue to call my readers dumb morons. They’re very sensitive and that’s just rude.

    You are becoming irritating now and I’m right on the point of banning you. I’ve only ever banned someone once before. Please don’t make me do it again.

    These are not the droids you are looking for.

    Have a special day.

  14. Three S.African blogs: African crisis, I Luv SA, which I regularly visit.. and yours which I found through a search.

    Which I know why I won’t be coming back…

    So, no worry.. if you ain’t interested in debating the points.. I shall leave you to do whatever it is that you are doing here.

    Take care

  15. I did not realize Oceanvibes was a ‘south african’ blog. I found it on the same story keyword search, that I found your blog. I did not ‘get his’ as a south african focussed site, like African Crisis, or ILuvSA…

    If what you are saying he IS A SOUTH AFRICAN BLOG.. then, in that case, I made a mistake.

    He at least appears to be far less a censorship addict than you.

    So, why not live on happily in your dreams I am a liar… Mr. Censorship!

    Anyway… let me know when you don’t practice censorship or you are intersted in an open debate on the issues, till then, I will leave you to do what you do here…

  16. DwarfWhisper > Oh right. Silly me.
    Perhaps you were too busy posting your spam to actually READ the blogs you were on.

    The irony, while you bleat on and on (and on) about censorship (and despite the fact that you keep saying that you’re going away) is that for the past 10 comments or so – we’ve been having er… an open debate.

    That rather buggers up your allegations a bit, doesn’t it?

  17. I maintain, that the same people so very unhappy in RSA are unlikely to find the happiness they are looking for anywhere else. I’m not even sure it has anything to do with RSA but their general outlook on life.

    Some people choose to live positive, happy lives without being idealists. Its about balance. 5 years ago they said we were heading for a Zimbabwe, they will say the same after 2010, and after 2015…

    Some of those South African hate blogs come to mind. Who goes online everyday searching for the most horrific or bad news stories about South Africa? Who wakes up each day looking for a crime story to add to their blog….?

    Lets blame the ANC…but what about the quality of people? or lack thereof?

  18. cyguy > I like to see myself as a positive, optimistic person, but also a realist. To me, sites which ignore the difficulties that SA faces (excluding those which openly dedicate themselves to purveying good news) don’t help by ignoring the problems.

    Realism is the way forward. Not blinkered positivity or paranoia.

  19. 100%.

    The I Luv SA blog was quick to highlight every strike at each stadium and every single problem BUT when I offered to provide them with images of the latest progress and the facts e.g. most of these venues were now basically complete, they were not so keen.

    I doubt Green Point stadium’s completion 6 months ahead of kick off will feature at their blog. But I bet every strike, rain delay and “Environmental” complaint was there.

    It’s all about balance.
    .-= ctguy´s last blog ..Have your say! Cape Town’s Integrated Transport Plan =-.

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