Day 158 – Imminent return

Since the schools were closed on Wednesday 18th March 2020, with this rather optimistic line in the official letter…

Oh, how we laugh now. In a hollow, washed-out, distressed kind of way.

…our kids have been learning from home. School has slowly been getting back to some sort of normality, although the classes are still running on a rotational 1-day-in-1-day-out basis, but there has always been the option to continue schooling from home and we’ve chosen to take it.

However, it has been decided that* one of them should head back to the classroom.

So, after a break of 169 days, one of them is heading back to the classroom tomorrow.

It’s a mix of excitement, nervous anticipation and a flurry of organisation here. She’s been at the school for almost 9 years now, but this will be different to anything she’s experienced there before. That said, the school has been amazing with online lessons, communication and even support with videos and letters about what to expect upon returning, so I have high hopes that she will be just fine.

And so we cross fingers, hold thumbs and pray to the great flappy-eared beagle in the sky that it all goes well.



* he typed, diplomatically

Day 155 – Multi-talented

I helped out with a French lesson this morning. And then I fixed a dishwasher. I think we are all going to have to agree that I am clearly rather multi-talented. To be able to skip between past participles in some foreign tongue and removing a foreign object from the pump impeller of a German (but actually Turkish-made) domestic appliance must surely take some sort of weird skill.

An impeller is a rotating component of a centrifugal pump which transfers energy from the motor that drives the pump to the fluid being pumped by accelerating the fluid outwards from the center of rotation. The velocity achieved by the impeller transfers into pressure when the outward movement of the fluid is confined by the pump casing.

Of course it is. Of course it does.

I’ve done French before, albeit a long time ago. But this was my first ever dishwasher fix. It might not seem like a big deal to you (especially if you are actually a dishwasher repair person), but I was quite chuffed with it. And, as a further positive, I’ve saved us a bit of money: no-one has to come and fix the dishwasher anymore and (for the moment, at least) we don’t have to shell out for French tuition.

Le lave-vaisselle est réparé. C’est bien.

Or… something.

Day 73 – Trap’t

A last minute postponement of the quiz last night left the evening open for activities, and so we headed (virtually) across the Big Pond to Stamford, Connecticut and, as a family, tackled the Project GOD Particle online escape room from Trap’t.

Lots of fun. 10/10 would recommend.

For $11.14 (it’s a tax thing), four of us played for about 2 hours: solving puzzles and getting codes using search engines, google translate, instagram, examining security camera footage, listening to soundbites about Lucky Dube(!) and even making a short phone call to the USA!
At R188, it’s a lot cheaper than even local equivalents, and everything was well-organised, cleverly devised and worked perfectly. There’s even support, should you require it (and yes, we needed a little hint on just one bit).

And we finished it. Look:

Did you read that? Yes: THEY NEED MORE AGENTS LIKE US!

It was an evening well-spent and you should give it a go. I’m even dropping it into the 6000 recommends category, and you know I don’t do that sort of thing lightly.

Day 45 – Mother’s Day

Bit of a weird one this year. No walks in the Forest, no picnics in Kirstenbosch.

The kids and I managed some homemade biscuits, an amazing Knead breakfast hamper (croissants, bagels, brownies, scones, cheese, jam and granola) a pretty lily and a pamper voucher to use after this is all over.

Some recognition then, at least, for the amazing Mum that we have in our household. Patient, hard-working, available, loving, understanding…
We know that we’re very lucky to have Mrs 6000 to look after our family and we’re very happy to have a special opportunity today to show it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there.

Day 20 – Recovery

I hope recovery, anyway.

Yesterday was very busy. Coming off the back of a night filled with delicious insomnia. A lot of schoolwork, which needed parental input: multiplication, science, moments and fulcra. Mr P would be so proud of me. An early morning cheese delivery. A million cups of tea lovingly made and delivered to Mrs 6000 who Zoomed all day. A quick chat with my Dad in Sheffield, but more about a computing issue than passing the time of day. Some extra schoolwork for me, relaying information about upcoming classes from the school to parents, and suggestions from parents to the school. Singing and piano practice. Working out the apps required for online singing and piano lessons, which begin this week. Some significant landscaping in the garden to make running around it safer. Homemade pizza from a flour and water start.

I’m really not sure how I kept going.

Ah yes. That’ll be it.

And so, with the kids tucked safely away in bed, I headed to Youtube to catch up on photography videos and watch Alphaville do Sounds Like A Melody live.

The memories.

I fully expect to do it all again today as well.
Fortunately, there’s still plenty of red wine to go around.