Day 439 – Leak

Another leaking water pipe. Our severalth since we moved not even four months ago. It’s a worrying trend.

This one is behind the wall in the garage. I know that it’s leaking because I can see the water coming through the wall into the garage and I can hear the water leaking and dripping behind the wall. We called the insurance company and they got a plumber round here this morning. I showed him where the leak was behind the wall in the garage, showed him the water coming through the wall, and we both listened and heard the water leaking and dripping behind the wall. He nodded sagely and agreed that there was a leaking pipe behind the wall in the garage.

He had a very fancy setup whereby he pumped a mix of hydrogen and nitrogen into the pipework, and then used a very fancy toy to detect where any of the gas was coming out of the pipework.

Just ten short minutes later, he had deduced that there was a leaking pipe behind the wall in the garage.

Incredible stuff.

It’s still leaking. Mainly behind the wall in the garage.
He’s going to send someone to fix it tomorrow.

Day 435 – This was nice

I made a mistake the other evening. Right before I went to sleep, I read a bit of Reddit. Nothing hugely unusual in that, except for one of the last posts I saw there, which did me no good whatsoever.

Here’s the featured video therein:

(sorry – not sure why it’s SOOO BIIGG)

Now, I don’t scare easily, but the end of this little video weirdly took me back to a recurring nightmare I had in my childhood. This might seem a bit weird, but then dreams are weird, aren’t they? The unpleasant dream in question (and I can see it very clearly in my mind’s eye, right now), featured large, slow-moving humans and (ok, here comes the weird bit) Liverpool Cathedral.

I know that many kids have nightmare experiences with the Catholic church, but, for the purists out there, it’s the Anglican Cathedral I’m talking about. This one:

The eye-popping Liverpool Cathedral design that never happened - Liverpool  Echo

Magnificent*. And a bit scary to me as a child.

The end of the video above wasn’t enough to scare me per se, but it was enough to induce some very disturbing memories of having my Liverpool Cathedral nightmare – but not the actual nightmare itself.

There’s scope for some very deep psychoanalytic research here, but I think the alternative – just continuing with my life as if the big face at the end of the video wasn’t actually there and Liverpool Cathedral was never anything more to me than a place where people went to sing and pray on a Sunday morning – is probably easier to do and a whole lot easier to deal with.

Anyway… sweet dreams.

* annoying, distracting building on the horizon on the right. I would have done something about that
(in the photo or in post, not like with TNT or anything).

Day 432 – It’s the weekend, baby!

Ah. Remember the halcyon days of the Gareth Cliff breakfast show? Before he went Sho’t Right on his odd political trip and 5fm was invaded by 12 year olds with the IQ of a stone? We all used to drag ourselves through the working week until Friday, and hearing that line, with the “…end” syllable extended before the explosive “baby!” meant that we could finally see the finishing line ahead of us at 5pm (or 12ish in Cape Town).

It’s all changed now, of course.

Well, that is, except for the weekend.

I gave President Ramaphosa a bit of a slagging yesterday, but what he lacks in his general political action, he clearly makes up for in his incredible negotiation skills. Because he’s taken a step that no other President on earth has taken: he’s negotiated with the actual virus – and he’s won some key concessions.

I know that this sounds a little far-fetched, but I was looking at a graph earlier today, and I can only conclude that the above scenario is exactly what has happened. God knows what he had to offer the virus in return, but it seems that Cyril has negotiated something of a cease fire for 2/7ths of the week. Namely the weekend (baby!).

Here’s the graph in question:

At first sight, things look good. Trend is upwards. Even if it is from a low base. Credit where it’s due.

But then, yes. One notes the chasms between the towers. Despite the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic, and heading rapidly for a third wave of Covid-19, we’re still taking the weekend off when it comes to vaccinating people.


This would seem to be a very bad idea were it not for Cyril’s deal with Coronavirus, because clearly, the virus must also be taking the weekend off, or the data presented in this graph would indicate something close to criminal incompetence.

It’s not ideal that with this new arrangement, the virus will be around for almost 30% longer than necessary, but at least in that extra time it won’t be knocking anyone else off because come Saturday and Sunday, it’ll clearly be chilling round the braai and going to bed at 11pm, just like all the rest of us.

Seriously… could we not just fill in those gaps and get some healthcare workers to do some jabs over the weekend?

It’s quite an important thing.