It’s been a busy afternoon

Gym, a bit of shopping, pick the kid up from school, then…

Phew. Matt really is a bit of a slave driver. I mean, it’s all going well, but there are a lot more devils to be cast out than I had imagined. I might have to come back to that bit tomorrow.

Who would have guessed?

Anyway, now I’ve washed my hands (really well – those lepers… eish!) and now I’m going to start on making some dinner.

Relatief swaar (sement)

Small town Afrikaans social media never fails to deliver. This morning’s gem was this:

Yes, that’s a free cement baboon looking for a new home. But you’ve got to come and collect it yourself. It’s relatively heavy (cement). Contact me [not me] on Whatsapp if you are interested.

And who wouldn’t be interested in a (relatively heavy) free cement baboon?

What’s not to like?

Well, it’s this:

That does look relatively heavy. But I supposed that it is (cement).

But the existence of this relatively heavy (cement) baboon definitely suggests that there is at least one cement baboon mould somewhere out there. And that in turn suggests that there may be other cement baboons out there as well. Maybe even troops of them.

But… why?

Of course, the other why is why anyone would want this, but the group quickly became a thrashing feeding frenzy of locals desiring a free cement baboon. Despite the relatively heavy weight.

I’ve been here 20 years and I’m still regularly astounded by this place.

Damn those Imperialist forces!

Just in from serial government clown Fuckile Mballoona [sp.], the Secretary General of the ruling ANC party here in South Africa, this:

He’s been spouting this sort of nonsense for many years now.

And I mean, you never rule anything out in the politics of this country, because it’s like one constant Bob Mortimer story on Would I Lie To You?. It regularly seems completely fanciful and utterly unbelievable, and then it turns out to be absolutely true.

But this one? No.

Come now. The only imperialist and neocolonialist forces with any influence in the upcoming elections are the Russians and the Chinese, and they’re both right behind the ANC. But they’re got their work cut out, given that the actual voting public are fed up with the lack of service delivery, the loadshedding, the rising crime, the cadre deployment, the constant corruption, the dysfunctional state owned enterprises, the poorly-controlled inflation, the plummeting Rand, and the tossers in charge.

Could any (or all) of those be the reasons that the ANC has been singled out as a party that must lose power?

Well, it’s either that or it’s the CIA.

And I know where my money lies on this one.

What the hell is going on, is it Chemtrials ?

Chemtrials? Is that what they do to see if Chemtrails are going to work?

UCT is partnering with NASA who (perhaps unsurprisingly) have some really amazing scientific equipment, in order to survey and map out the incredible biodiversity of the Western Cape.

They’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, as this July 2021 story attests:

And then, when it was closer to the six week period mentioned in the article, there was plenty in the local news about it. From NASA, from the Daily Maverick, from Times Live, from News24, and other local sites.

But that hasn’t stopped the tinfoil hat brigade from assuming that they’re here looking for gas (it’s ok, we know where the gas is already) or controlling the weather (?!?) or doing “Chemtrials”. Ugh:

“Specifically Mossel Bay”, she states, then showing all of the places that they flew, which very specifically doesn’t include Mossel Bay.

“Need to see if their planes were flying in GP [Gauteng Province] before the hail,” she adds, referencing a recent hailstorm in Johannesburg, before not doing anything about actually looking to see if their planes were flying there at any time. Which they weren’t, and which she could have looked up on any flight tracking system, since this not exactly hush-hush classified NASA mission is being shared across all of those platforms.
Of course, their planes are residing at a clandestine underground villains’ lair on the tarmac at Cape Town International Airport.

It’s like the worst top secret mission ever.

@_iduchess above describes herself as “a critical thinker” (actual lol), but despite the multitude of replies on her tweet telling her about the joint UCT/NASA collaboration, she is doubling down on the tinfoilery.
Oh, and she’s anti-vax as well.

Same whatsapp group, every time.

And then there was this dream [screenshot here] that our erstwhile “critical thinker” shared, and then declared:

“Many people have been having dreams lately but as always umlungu [white people] will say “it’s climate change” and the sheep will believe umlungu over us.”

Ah yes, the casual racism slips in. We’d been missing that, and:

“The dream clearly states that the Melikans are not here for a good cause but rather for their own depopulation agenda ..”

Of course they are, dearie. Now, here’s a nice cup of tea and your evening medication.

But there is one thing that you can see from her “is it Chemtrials ?” tweet, and that is that her “news” comes from Tiktok – see the screenshots she shares. This seems an unusual place for a critical thinker to obtain high quality knowledge and information, but as recent surveys have shown, more and more young adults are getting their news from that app, and that’s quite worrying, mainly because it’s often absolutely full of shit like we can see above.

There is a school of thought that says that the loonies have always been there; it’s just that they never had a platform before, so we never noticed. But the problem is that they have clearly found a platform now, and they’re still loonies.

What can we do about this, given that these people will also likely base their election choices on what they read there? I’ve said this sort of thing before, but it really does belittle the democratic process when someone who believes in “Chemtrials” has the same voting rights as a sensible human being.


The Safety Dance

I’d never heard this song before I moved to SA. Apparently, it did ok in the UK, making it to No.6 in the charts for a week, but it was a big hit here: the only official chart worldwide where it got to Number 1.

They were Men Without Hats, and your 1982 Disney Prince protagonist here is Canadian Ivan Doroschuk, This song was their one hit, so much so that their website these days is, because yes, they’re still releasing music 41 years on from that morris dancing escapade above.

Here they are now, Ivan at the front, his brother Colin on the left, Sho Murray on the right, and Colin’s daughter Sahara Slone in the silver skirt and the boots.

Sadly, their current tour, running until March next year, fails to make it to South Africa. And Djibouti also misses out again.