Waterloo Sunset

I don’t think this is actually anywhere near Waterloo, but poetic licence and all that.

I was going to (and almost certainly still will) send this photo to Brian Micklethwait of BrianMicklethwait Dot Com because it’s London, there are Big Things, a couple of Cranes and it is begging to be Thinned. That said, I’m quite sure that the Venn Diagram of our respective readerships is far from a perfect circle so (aside from the fact that he might not want to post it anyway), I think that I can get away with putting it here too, because I think it’s very pretty.


Shared via a friend on Facebook, so I’ve actually no idea who to credit, but whoever it is has done a very good job there.
Well done. All credit to you. Or… er… not.

And despite being a regular reader of Brian’s, it seems that I have comprehensively failed to keep up with the incessant and rapid growth of the London skyline and so I’m not sure what’s what here. I can obviously see the Gherkin slightly left of centre and next to that, possibly the old NatWest Tower (now Tower 42 or something?). Incidentally, I think that tiny sliver of light on the left hand side of that building is actually incredibly important in making this photo really good.
Oh, and right over on the left, if you’ll excuse the oxymoron, is the Walkie Talkie of LONDON SKYSCRAPER IS SOLAR DEATH RAY! fame, yes?

Otherwise, I’m lost.

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