Giraffe Love

Sounds kinky, but no…

We went out to Giraffe House yesterday in the winter sunshine and saw much animal. Highlight for our 5-year-old daughter though, was Gerry the Giraffe. She decided that she wanted Gerry to meet her somewhat smaller stuffed toy giraffe. It was a lovely idea, but the chances of it happening seemed slim. At this point, as a parent, you have to decide whether to prepare your child for probable disappointment or take a chance on success – the downside being potentially facing a distraught little girl when things don’t go according to plan.
My thanks go out at this point to Gerry the Giraffe, because he really came through for us yesterday afternoon:


It might have been [let’s face it, it clearly was] that Gerry thought that Scoop’s toy giraffe was actually a tasty morsel of food, but in my little girl’s mind, Gerry was so happy to see the little fellow that she’d brought along, that he gave him a big, wet kiss.

It made her day. Which is great, because the alternative, had Gerry been less accommodating, would probably have been unpretty.

More on Giraffe House when I get chance to review and upload my photos.

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