Long weekend

Because the kids are off school on Monday (it’s half term) (for a day), we’re taking the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend at the cottage.
Hopefully the weather will be better than the day I took this photo.

Amazingly, the day in question was 24 short hours after Midsummer’s day and everyone was wondering whether we’d actually get a summer at all.

You can view the photo on black here.

Going South?

If you’re headed anywhere near L’Agulhas this holiday – you could do a lot worse than pop in here:

Quoin Rock (which is expected to sell for ±R120m later today) and Land’s End (their 2008 Syrah is magnificent) would be my pick of the bunch, but there’s plenty of others there to enjoy too…

Wine Boutique is on the crossroads in L’Agulhas.