An explanation

She looked nice enough when I walked in. And then she proceeded to try and kill me.

Apparently, I have a large knob…


…of scar tissue in my left calf. She then went on to do her level best to work out the large knob, repeatedly apologising for the pain she was causing me. She was quite strong.

Anyway, I hope that explains all the screaming this morning. Ah Jesus.

More tomorrow, once the painkillers have done their stuff.

Positive news from the Physio

The last time I went to see the physiotherapist was probably sometime in May was this morning.

The time before that was probably sometime in May. That time, I was still using a crutch to get around, whereas this morning, I positively bounced into his treatment room, fitter, happier, more productive, many kilograms lighter, and actually feeling pretty good.

I left 45 minutes later, wondering where I could find my crutch again.

OK, it wasn’t actually that bad. But I got worked HARD.

The idea of seeing him today was to work on some more knee strengthening exercises. My leg is much, much stronger than just a few months ago, but all the work I have been doing on it has involved medial, rather than lateral movement. That’s great for road running and cycling, but not so good if you want your leg not to snap when you try a trail run or go and play footy. And so those are the exercises I need to do, but I needed to make sure that it was sensible to do them, and so professional guidance was required.

Now I have a month to work on these new exercises, before in the first week of January (all being well), we move on to “explosive jumping”.

And with that sort of reward dangling like a carrot in front of me, I’m 100% committed to kicking some knee ass. However that works.

Tonight though, a brandy and a couple of anti-inflammatories. Baby steps.