Golly. If you’re reading this, I’m possibly/probably asleep in an operating theatre somewhere in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

I went to see my knee doc again on Wednesday and he said he’d like to have a look at my knee.


Apparently, the usual routine for this sort of thing is for me to stop eating for 12 hours, go to the hospital, go to sleep and him to look at my knee.


So that’s what’s happening.

I should be back to (or even better than) normal in no time at all.

See you on the other side.


So many plans for blog posts and they’ve all been shelved because I played football today for the first time in 18 months (remember this?). The football was fun, and I think I did ok, considering the length of time it had been since I last played. That’s not what’s stopping me from sitting and blogging. It’s more my body’s reaction to that football which is causing the problem.

Oh my. The pain. Everything hurts. Everything.
I may have over exerted myself “a little”.

The good thing is that it will probably take no more than a week to get over this pain and stiffness. And then I can go and do it all over again. 😀