Day 327 – Boxes upon boxes

It’s been a very busy day, but we are surprisingly close to finishing our unpacking.

Another 15 or 20 boxes were unpacked today, and many are already on their way to being reused at another unconnected move nearby.

The kitchen cupboards have now been allocated and I’ve almost remembered where the mugs are for my morning coffee.

I unpacked my clothes and I can’t wait to get rid of some to a good cause in the very near future.

A nice man called Simon came round and got our weird (but hugely effective) internet setup set up.

A nice man called Ben came round and got rid of several (or more) European Paper Wasp nests from around the house and garden.

I’d recommend both of them for those sort of specific tasks.
(Simon does CCTV as well; Ben does bees as well.)

The beagle got closer to sleeping through in the kitchen (her usual chosen bedtime spot) last night and only woke me up [weep] three times. I are a bit broken.

High hopes for a full night tonight.

My study is still peach. So very peach.

Day 326 – Broken, but we’re getting there

I warned you here that things were going to be a bit short and sketchy on the blog for the foreseeable future, and I think I’ve proven myself correct several times over already.

Move news: we’re in, but we are fully knackered. Long days full of hard work, with daily step counts into the 20,000s, and nights disturbed by a still skittish beagle.

We’ll get there. Well, we are there. I’m literally in my new study, albeit that there are still boxes everywhere, there are no curtains and the walls are still very, very peach.

But today, I unpacked several (or more) boxes elsewhere, sorted the wine and spirits out, and set up the Playstation for the kids.

And right now, I think I’m going to end this post and drill a hole in my desk. Because I fancy drilling a hole in my desk and as soon as I stop working, I’ll probably fall asleep.