Day 509 – Recent photos

OK. The first half of the photos from our recent (ok, not so recent now, but I have a decent excuse) trip away are now edited and up on Flickr. Truth be told, I’m a little disappointed with the overall quality. That said, it was a really hard job packing all the sheer scale of the landscape into a camera, and we were there for family time rather than photography time.

And there are one or two of them that I still quite like:

Moody stuff. Go full screen for more effect.

The second part of our trip was less landscape and more animal. But it also makes up about 80% of the photos I took. I’m on it, but with energy and concentration at a premium right now, it is going to take some time.

Please bear with me.

Day 478 – Winter window view

Back in Autumn, I shared a sunrise from our bedroom window. But Autumn is long gone now and we’re well into winter.

This week, following some really chilly weather, the clouds finally lifted and we got to see those mountains in the distance again. This time with some decoration.

Look, it’s not the Matterhorn or Everest, but I’m quite impressed with the view in our (extended) back garden.

Soon… the view from the other side of those mountains, where we stayed last week. (May also include some snow.)