Bit pressed for time, but need to write a blog post? Ludovico Einaudi has released a new video to promote his new Limited Edition Box Set.

It’s rather good (the video, but I’m sure the box set is worth a buy as well):

I love the clearly evident passion this guy has for his work, his music. I also like the fact that there’s a guy playing a violin like it’s a guitar just after 2 minutes in.
That’s actually the best way to play a violin – less invasive than with all that bowing.


New song from new album time. And today’s artist is Ludovico Einaudi.

This is the first track from the new album Elements, and it sounds like LE has subscribed to the “Here’s what made me popular, so why change it?” masterplan. Well done him.

Incidentally, you can have heaps (or more) of fun by being Ludovico and playing Night yourself, here.
Even before hearing the real thing, I wasn’t that far off, thus proving my point about how deliciously samey this new track is.