New song from new album time. And today’s artist is Ludovico Einaudi.

This is the first track from the new album Elements, and it sounds like LE has subscribed to the “Here’s what made me popular, so why change it?” masterplan. Well done him.

Incidentally, you can have heaps (or more) of fun by being Ludovico and playing Night yourself, here.
Even before hearing the real thing, I wasn’t that far off, thus proving my point about how deliciously samey this new track is.

While you were sleeping

We’re down in the Southern Cape again this weekend, so I thought it wholly appropriate to share a pic I took last weekend of some ships rounding Cape Agulhas at night.

I’ve seen the ships in Table Bay illuminated at night, but I just assumed that they were lit up since they were stationary and just outside a major port.
Now I find that ships have headlights too – big bright ones.

It was rather eerie watching these bright lights moving silently across the horizon, especially with the atmospheric reflection off the cloud base.

Bigger and on a dark background here.

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