Day 502 – Bits n pieces

  • The Ashton Arch is due to be… er… “launched” into its final position on the 14-15th August. This has been a ridiculously big engineering project in a tiny town in the Western Cape and it seems to have been going on forever.

But this is it virtually finished. I don’t pass through there a lot, but I’ve only ever seen it not existing at all or completely buried in scaffolding:

IMG_2969 | new bridge, work in progress, ashton, western cap… | Flickr
ashton_montague_september_2019.jpg | Western Cape Government

This is a lot of scaffolding. Now all they need to do is move… er… “launch” the completed structure into the path of the actual road. Livestream above this weekend.

  • Cape Town will get drier and more extreme. And I’m not talking about our sense of humour:
  • And finally, ahead of our Fantasy Draft Night tomorrow evening, I was looking at my chosen team and thinking that it looked pretty much invincible. And then I realised that the other guys in the league get to choose some of the players as well, because that’s how a draft works. I’m suddenly far less confident.