Day 371 – Covid news

A quick one here because things are going to get very busy very shortly.

First off, this:

There’s been a 5% increase in Covid-19 infections in the Western Cape – and 16% increase in Cape Town over the past seven days, according to the Western Cape Health Department.

That’s a very significant increase. And that shouldn’t be happening just yet. But it is.

Still, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the local new sites. Especially the ones that blindly quote politicians.

Like this:

Because in actual fact, the recently published regulations say nothing of the sort:

Dlamini-Zuma might well have wanted the transportation of alcohol to be banned this weekend. She might even still get the transportation of alcohol to be banned this weekend. But that will only be by amending the published regulations. The current regulations don’t ban the transportation of alcohol this weekend, no matter what the erstwhile Minister might think. She’s either lying or incompetent. Or both.

Still, no-one reads the regulations, they only look at the headlines, so good luck with arguing your case at a roadblock tomorrow morning.

Day 211 – No Marmite

Infamously, “you either love it or you hate it”. Or you simply can’t buy it.

I was shopping yesterday and I couldn’t find any Marmite. Four different shops comprehensively failed to yield a single jar of popular/unpopular spread between them.
And you can’t just replace it with Bovril, can you? Some of them might be vegetarians.

These things sometimes happen. I remember that time not so long ago that the Western Cape ran out of carbon dioxide (but how?!?!) and couldn’t make Coca-Cola. But Marmite doesn’t need See Oh Too for its manufacture, so what’s gone wrong here?

Well, I think I have worked out the answer.

Remember the whole Lockdown thing* when we weren’t allowed to buy alcohol and were all rationing whatever we had left? Well, because we weren’t allowed to buy beer, breweries couldn’t sell beer and so some breweries stopped brewing beer.

And the yeast that is produced as a by-product of all the brewing of the beer is exactly the ingredient that the Marmite people need to make Marmite. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so bizarre that we’re out of Marmite in SA. No beer, no yeast, no Marmite.

And we can all blame Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

You either love her or you hate her.


* we must be on Day 211 or something by now…