Skeleton Gorge Fire News

If you live in or around the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, you’ll likely have seen or heard the fire helicopters doing their work on a fire in Skeleton Gorge yesterday afternoon and again this morning.

I don’t have any statistics to hand, but many of the wildfires in the Cape Town area are caused by humans: either maliciously (arson) or accidentally (carelessly discarded cigarette butts, glass bottles etc). As this fire was in an area which is frequented by hikers, I was guess that this one was going to be one of these accidental ignitions.

But no.

Enviro fire investigators were tasked by the Table Mountain National Park to investigate the origin and cause of the fire that started around 15h00 in the Skeleton Gorge area. We can confirm on behalf of SANParks that the cause of this fire was as a result of a massive rock fall that caused huge amounts of heat and sparks to be generated when the falling boulders struck other rocks, setting the grass and leaves alight which then quickly spread up the steep slope. 

Wow. Nature is out to kill us, even when we’re not out trying to kill Nature.

I find it incredible that heat and sparks from a rockfall could trigger a wildfire, but if it could happen (which it clearly can) then bone-dry Cape Town is the perfect candidate for it right now.

As proven yesterday.

Burning question  

My neighbour has some windchimes. They’re old, they hang from a tree in their back garden and they are [rather] annoying. There’s no tune to them. It’s just a constant, clunky rattle in the Southern Cape breeze. Constantly. It’s constant.

The wind doesn’t stop at night either, so neither do the windchimes. 

I’m going to set them on fire. 

The question is this: do I do it once they’ve popped out to the shops or down to the beach, or would it be more of a statement if I was just to march in there with some meths and a lighter and do it while they watched? 

And then, should I maybe do the house as well, to serve as a warning to anyone else considering windchimes as a potential addition to their garden?