Day 387 – Nature, innit?

A few photos as promised.

Mole snake on the beach. Cape Bunting in the bushes. Cape Spurfowl in the garden.

Better than bathrooms, right?

One cool thing I noticed was the reflection of me and my daughter in the eye of the snake:

… we remained a respectful distance away. Promise. is now on Facebook

With Facebook rapidly becoming the all conquering behemoth as far as the internet is concerned, it seemed wise to finally take the plunge and make one of their ridiculously named “fan pages” for the blog. Now it should be noted that for the amateur [waves], Facebook doesn’t make it easy for you to do this – the interface is horrible and not at all intuitive, the language is confusing and everything is that nasty Facebook blue.
It’s probably for those reasons that I haven’t done it before.

But anyway, all in all, it’s been a steep learning curve and I have a horrible feeling that it will continue to be a steep learning curve. But click that LIKE button in the side bar there ~>, (or alternatively, click here) and bear with me and once things are up and running smoothly, I’ll sort out some Facebook-only competitions to make it seem that the 0.5 seconds it took you to click your mouse button was completely worth your while.

Now let’s see if the app does its thing and plonks this post where it needs to go.