Day 387 – Nature, innit?

A few photos as promised.

Mole snake on the beach. Cape Bunting in the bushes. Cape Spurfowl in the garden.

Better than bathrooms, right?

One cool thing I noticed was the reflection of me and my daughter in the eye of the snake:

… we remained a respectful distance away. Promise.

Day 219 – Memories and naps

219 – that used to be the MW frequency for Manx Radio.

Manx Radio. Two! One! Nine!

…was the jingle. I’m sure that you are singing along in your head as I am in mine. Those were, as they like to tell us, the days.

I don’t think you’d advertise a show over there (or anywhere else, really) with that sort of headline right now.

But I digress. Often.

We’re down in Agulhas and I’ve spent the morning cutting back the fynbos and cleaning out the braai area. I did have plans for a mid-afternoon nap, but suddenly I feel that a pre-mid-afternoon nap nap may be called for.

You should hear what I’m got planned for the early evening.

(Actually, I have a couple of Only Connect shows to catch up on…)

It’s been a heavy, disturbed, stressful week and the fresh air, sunshine and peace and quiet are exactly what we needed.

And the wildlife is enjoying the springtime too: skinks, scorpions, a mongoose and several (or more) really large moths around yesterday, together with some White Stork, Glossy Ibis and Ostrich on the way down here. And then, just before a very early bedtime, a pair of Spotted Eagle Owls and some passing Black-Crowned Night Herons yesterday evening.

Idyllic. Idyllic, but all rather tiring. Nap time.

Day 16 – Two new birds

Many people have reported on the increase in wildlife in more urbanised areas due to the lack of human activity. Obviously, some (or more) of these were fake news, like the dolphins in Venice and the polar bears in Barbados, but I have something to report too.

Since the lockdown, I have seen two new bird species in the garden.

Now, I’m not (necessarily) putting this down to the lack of human activity. And were these birds really scared off by a few more cars? Actually, if anything, I’ve spent more time outside during the last 15 days, because it’s either that or inside and the other option is “inside”. So maybe that’s the reason that I’ve spotted these new visitors. Who might not even be visitors at all. They may have been there all along and just not have been spotted.

I don’t look up much. It’s a mood thing.

Anyway. Please welcome the Bronze Mannikin (Lonchura cucullata) and the Orange-breasted Sunbird (Anthobaphes violacea) to my back garden.

Photos may follow (I don’t have a very big one) (lens, I mean): I’ve only managed to see the OBS once anyway, and my quick snaps are awful. But rest assured that they were there.

Tomorrow, I go looking for the dolphins and the polar bears.


We are going to try to see some local wildlifes this morning, so standby on my Instagram for some (or more) shots from the Agulhas Plain throughout the day.

Amazingly, it’s still absolutely free to follow me on there (and on here).

I know. Unbelievebeagle, isn’t it?

Anyway, apparently wildlifes on offer may include: hippopotamuses, elands, gruffalos, quaggas, springboks and many more marvellous mammals, with a side order of birdlife.

And possibly some plant. In fact, almost certainly some plant.
Plant can like to be very popular.

And then after the wildlifes, some wines.
I’m looking forward to it all.


UPDATE: Sorry. It seems that I heard wrongly and it should be BUFFALOS and not GRUFFALOS. Bit disappointing, to be honest, but oh well.

Crazy Journey

You’d think that driving part-way across the Eastern Cape in the middle of the night would be a pretty crazy journey, and you’d be right.

But then I did a bit more of it during the day yesterday and it was even crazier.

Part of my journey from the town of Addo to the town of Fort Beaufort took me along the bottom edge of the local National Park. And alongside the road there, there were such things as these:

*warning: unedited photos alert*

And this:

I mean, seriously?

Some people in the UK still ask me if there are lions roaming the streets here, and there clearly aren’t. But there clearly are elephants and warthogs (and kudu and zebras) right next to (some of) the streets in the Eastern Cape.

Of course, I had to stop and shoot. So there are several (or more) pics available. But I don’t have editing time right now: I’ll get to that should I survive my flight back into severely stormy Cape Town this evening.
It could be a crazy journey.

But it would take a bit to beat this one…