Day 523 – Hey, Gregory Kitching, I had my second jab!

Great news for everyone (but most especially Gregory Kitching), is that I had my second Pfizer jab this morning. Beagle-eyed readers with better memories than me might recall that I my first jab was also Day Zero of my Covid experience (it’s ok, Greg, it was unrelated to the jab). I’m fairly sure that, while there might be some mild side effects, I won’t be going through that again any time soon. Thank [Deity].

Today’s vaccination experience was so much nicer than the first. Warmer, quicker, friendlier, closer to home, SO MUCH better organised. 22 minutes in and out versus the 5 hours of sitting in a soulless, freezing cold warehouse last time. If you are in the Southern Suburbs (and I know that you’re not, Gregory Kitching, but do I have many other readers), I’d highly advise pre-booking a slot at the Discovery Vaccination Site in Newlands. Seamless and smooth.

Assuming you need a vaccination, of course. I don’t think you can turn up there just to spectate.
But then who would want to do that, anyway?

For those who are interested (probably including – but certainly not limited to – people like Gregory Kitching), my first vaccine batch number was FG3064, while my second was FG4421. I’m not sure how many doses are in a batch, but it’s certainly great news that they’ve got through 1,357 batches in just 6 weeks. I make that 226 batches a week or more than 32 a day. Amazing numbers hey, Gregory Kitching?

Oh, and on the subject of Gregory Kitching, he asks the following question:

I do love your mask, Greg. Very cool.

However, unless anyone is enough of a moonbat to think that there’s some sort of nanobot or 5G chip in the vaccine, then this was clearly very much about the virus. Quite how you think 0.3ml of voluntarily-injected fluid could “control” someone is beyond me. Even the infamous “truth serum”, Thiopental Sodium needs 10x that amount (intravenously, nogal!) before it can have any effect, like making you admit that even though you try and portray an image of being a big, hard man, you’re actually a bit scared of needles and the ANC.

Not that I have any examples of anyone like that, of course.

Indeed. But let’s step back for just a moment.

The Epilogue:
While I can take a strong dislike to some people, I really wouldn’t wish Covid-19 on anyone at all. What it’s doing to people all over the world is truly awful, and at the moment, I wake up each morning knowing that I’m probably going to hear of another friends’ hurt at the loss of a family member.

But, if you look at the mask/hand image above and you answer with the lower legend, I’d strongly advise you to reconsider and go and have a look at this site, which is sadly full of stories of people just like you.

And sure, I know that I’m not going to change the minds of any dug-in, HARDCORE: I KNOW THE SCORE guys like Gregory Kitching, because even showing interest would be seen as “a sign of weakness”, but I’ve already managed to talk 6 ‘vaccine hesitant’ people into getting jabbed, and maybe I can add a few more to that.

It’s free, easy, pretty much painless and OH, SO WORTH IT!
Go get vaccinated today. Thank me later.