Day 361 – Back home, but…

It was a wonderful weekend away, but I feel like I might need another weekend away just to get myself repaired from this weekend away. Sun, fun, sand, drink, laughter, cricket with the kids, some good long beach walks and not quite enough sleep (despite my very best efforts).

And I’m always happy to get safely off the R27 West Coast Deathtrap Road in one piece.

It’s back to school for the last week of term tomorrow and I’m already dreading the 6am alarm call.

For the record, I found this page all about the place in which we stayed, and its fascinating history. Suffice to say, it’s been upgraded a great deal since those images were taken (and the big spinny thing on the roof has disappeared). But you can still see the very solid, reinforced concrete structure when you know what you’re looking for.

Photos on the way – really. But let me grab a good night’s rest first, ok?