Day 359 – Overhang

I’m sitting in bed in a converted radar station building overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I can’t quite see land on the other side, but if I could, then it would be the Southernmost cost of Brazil about 6,500 km away. My eyesight isn’t that good. I fact, not much of me is very good today after a very heavy session on last night. Loads of fun, loads of laughter, but a quite terrifying sight of empty bottles of many varieties this morning.

I feel as rough as a nomad’s heel. I haven’t been this hungover in many, many years.

We’re away with friends for three days, but clearly pacing ourselves was never an option. The release after a taxing week was just too tempting. We’re grown ups. We really should know better. On the plus side, I’m really not feeling the need to drink ever again, so I’m confident of waking up feeling much healthier tomorrow morning.

And the view is lovely.

Photos to follow at some point.