You wouldn’t let it lie…

I remain bedridden on doctor’s orders. One of the things about working with TB is that you don’t play with it when you’re not feeling 100%.
It tends to note your weakness and leaps into your respiratory tract, where it annoys the neighbours by holding late night parties. And killing you.

Being stuck here means that I have borne witness to just one source of reaction to the NPA decision to drop the charges against Zuma – the mobile internet, namely twitter and facebook. And what drama! What hysteria!
I have two answers: a mild case of shared Münchausen’s Syndrome and a media (and various political parties) which have caused certain sections of the population to believe that the moment Zuma comes to power, South Africa will fall, irretrievably into ruin.

I do not understand what these people hope to achieve by spreading these sensational stories. Of course, everyone has their own agenda and we have an election just around the corner, but as with Trevor Mallach fake letter, let people vote based on FACTS, not on SPIN.
As I mentioned yesterday, the best thing for SA now would be to move on and let this issue lie. But of course, I understand that that option is not viable for some people and parties.
The irony is that they think that their political meddling in the justice system is somehow different from the political meddling in the justice system which prompted JZ’s legal eagles to meddle, possibly politically, in the justice system.

There was never going to be an easy way out of this, and no matter how aggrieved Helen Zille and the DA feel right now, they must realise that others would have felt equally outraged had the NPA decision gone the other way.

The only good thing about what happened today is that we briefly knew where we stood. A moment of clarity, if you will. There was the opportunity for closure, which has already been lost:

@helenzille The decision to drop the charges against Zuma is irrational and unlawful. We will not stand back and let this happen.

Not that I am blaming Helen Zille – she has her beliefs and she must stand up for them. Sadly, as this story continues to run, I see only more damage and more harm and hurt on the road ahead.

In times of turmoil, one must look for the simple pleasures in life. Better get back to sucking my Fisherman’s Friend, then. Certainly clears the passages and he seems to enjoy it too.

Written on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. In bed.
With a Fisherman’s Friend. Nice.

12 thoughts on “You wouldn’t let it lie…

  1. You want to know what’s sad? I know what the hell Münchausen’s Syndrome is.

    And then the rest bored me…you know, politics and stuff…till I saw Fisherman’s Friend. What flavour you got? I have the little green bag. It’s the only thing that works properly.

    I did bore me but I still read it attentively and I agree with you and you definitely have a point. You won’t change their minds though 😛

    Goblin´s last blog post was: Armageddon is upon us (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. Goblin > Sky blue, extra strong.
    Meh. Not a fan of politics, but wanted to put my view out there; everyone else is.

  3. I’m currently suffering at work after a night of non-stop coughing and clock watching 🙁 Got a sore throat to top it all off! All the symptoms that I’m coming down with Man-Flu I think YIKES!!

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  4. Now that the (wrong) decision has been made, I’m inclined to agree with the sentiment that it’s time to move on. Was wierd listening to the press conference, though: all the way through, the arguments seemed to be leaning quite strongly towards the case continuing – and then the conclusion went the other way…

    Jacques´s last blog post was: Dennett in South Africa (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  5. Wiggy > Rest of thee week off, I think. Safety first.

    Jacques > Missed it. Was actually at doc’s. I’m not 100% sure that the correct decision was made, but I do think it was the better decision for the country. I’m just happy that A decision has been made.

  6. Fishermans Friend blue? Poofter..

    A Fishermans Kiss is what you need 😉

    That or a trip to novelty island.. lol

    Get well soon!

  7. I think this would have all been a lot easier to swallow if Shabir Shaik hadn’t been prosecuted for having a generally corrupt relationship with Jay-Z…

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