We are going to try to see some local wildlifes this morning, so standby on my Instagram for some (or more) shots from the Agulhas Plain throughout the day.

Amazingly, it’s still absolutely free to follow me on there (and on here).

I know. Unbelievebeagle, isn’t it?

Anyway, apparently wildlifes on offer may include: hippopotamuses, elands, gruffalos, quaggas, springboks and many more marvellous mammals, with a side order of birdlife.

And possibly some plant. In fact, almost certainly some plant.
Plant can like to be very popular.

And then after the wildlifes, some wines.
I’m looking forward to it all.


UPDATE: Sorry. It seems that I heard wrongly and it should be BUFFALOS and not GRUFFALOS. Bit disappointing, to be honest, but oh well.

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