Still away (mentally)

It’s amazing how a good break can keep you going way beyond your actual return to normality and real life. And that longevity is being assisted by my (slowly) getting through the photos I took while we were away, and writing Tripadvisor reviews for the places we went and the things we did.

Talk about the sea on your doorstep…

It shows both the power of that site and the (well-placed) confidence of the places we went to, that they were all very anxious for us to share our thoughts on our visit. The cynic in me does wonder if we’d left any given establishment under a dark cloud after a stinker of a stay, whether they would have been quite so keen for us to review them but as that didn’t happen, I guess we’ll never know.

And I have to say that I relied on reviews on Google and Tripadvisor before choosing where we were going to stay. It’s useful to hear the honest opinions of visitors like yourself when you are spending quite a lot of money and – more importantly – valuable family time staying in a place you’ve never been to before. And you can get some useful tips as well: like going to the Mossel Bay Zipline in the morning before the wind gets up and they have to close for safety reasons.

Sometimes, one top tip isn’t enough and you have to help out with a whole itinerary. But that wasn’t the case with this holiday.

But now the resoundingly positive reviews are written – a sign of a really good, well-planned week away – and I’m left with a billion photos to edit.

Soon, I promise. (I know you’re desperately waiting.)

Ashley saves the day

Wait… what?

Here’s a Trip Advisor review of The Verano Lounge in Brighton. I’ve screenshotted it just in case it doesn’t stand the passage of time for any reason. (UPDATE: Good call – it’s already disappeared)


Well done, Ashley Cole. I think we all hate that sort of thing.

Further investigation of Phil L’s Trip Advisor history also gives us this attempted troll:

review2Hmm. Yes. The Verano Lounge story was much better than that Abbey Road one. Let’s hope that Phil L is on the up, as we wait for his next monologue.