And so we’re back…

… from Outer Space Mossel Bay.

Well, the Mossel Bay area. We didn’t actually stay in Mossel Bay at all.

And what a great week it was. If there was any criticism I could make, it was that I would have liked a bit of extra time in each of the places we stayed. Three very different locations, but each with their own charm and unique offerings.

And then, to finish off an already memorable week, a quick trip back into town to have a go on the world’s longest over sea zipline (their words, not mine). 1.1km. Quite the ride.

Can you see me? The little parachute was a necessity for continuing life and mobility, given the strong tailwind.

Inevitably, there will be more photos (it seems that over 2,500 were taken over the seven days we were away), but equally inevitably, there are a number of jobs I need to catch up with, Lightroom is “being difficult” and I surely can’t actually be expected to sort all of those images on a single day, anyway.



So: more soon.