Day 538 – Two Top Tunes

Bit busy today, so herewith a bit of music that I’ve been enjoying more than other music I’ve been listening to recently. (Not that that other music was particularly bad – these are just two top tunes).

First off, The War On Drugs title track to their upcoming album, I Don’t Want To Live Here Anymore.

More of the same same. Perfect.

And then this: The Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973. Yes, really.

It’s so, so good. And what a title! Look out for Calls To Tiree from earlier in the year, as well.

Definitely echoes of Dry The River (RIP) in there.

Nothing to find

You could be listening to a Bruce Springsteen effort from the late 80s or early 90s, but you’re not. It’s better. Somehow updated, energetic. Modern. New.

It’s this, from The War On Drugs:

One of the quirkiest videos I’ve seen in ages. The album is a revelation. Go play.

Sorry to dash this off and run, but I’ve had a very busy morning, a very busy afternoon, and I’m about to have a very busy evening.