Day 320 – The last…

We’re definitely down to the stage where just about everything we do in the current house will also be the last time that we do it in the current house.

I’ve already survived my last Monday morning in the current house and I’m halfway there on making it successfully through my last whole Tuesday in the current house.

Fingers crossed.

These are minor milestones, though. Yesterday evening was a big one:

The last braai in the current house. On the big braai. Our third in three nights (braais, not houses) because we can.

There were a few emotional moments as the final burger patty came off the grid and was paired with some blue cheese and a teaspoon of blueberry jelly before being devoured. The tears rolling down my cheeks serendipitously added a delicious saltiness.

There is no big braai at the new place (yet), but I do have this, of course. And I’m sure that its first usage at the new place will bring much joy.