Day 391 – More tomorrow

Busy day, lots accomplished. But now I need to spend time relaxing rather than blogging, so please enjoy a quota photo from last night’s sunset cruise in Table Bay.

Lots of smoke around from the recent fire, but sadly it was mostly blowing away from the sun, so we weren’t able to reap the benefits there. Still, lovely night on the water and I’ll sort some more photos out tomorrow.

More of everything tomorrow in fact, because it’s now time for some footy on the TV and a game of pool.

Quota alps

Not really – actually a shot across Table Bay from Green Point yesterday, but it could be Österreich!
I was almost tempted to burst into something from The Sound of Music, but I didn’t.

I did mention that this week was going to be a bit hectic. Perhaps you could amuse yourself with my (still uploading) Playing at Green Point Flickr set, with about a million options for Smartphone and Desktop background loveliness.


There you are – happily sailing away in Table Bay, the most intrepid part of your day being the name of your yacht and then:


Yep. That would be a Southern Right whale (probably a calf) jumping  – or breaching, to be technically correct – onto the yacht belonging to the Cape Town Sailing Academy.

No Photoshopping here folks – this is the real deal, as reported by Joyanne’s SA Portfolio Travel blog and local newspaper Die Burger (which might be a bit Afrikaans for some readers).

The result: No injuries to crew. No apparent injury to whale.
R150,000 ($20,000) worth of injury to yacht.

UPDATE: And now there’s video of the allegedly harassed whale doing its thing.