There you are – happily sailing away in Table Bay, the most intrepid part of your day being the name of your yacht and then:


Yep. That would be a Southern Right whale (probably a calf) jumping  – or breaching, to be technically correct – onto the yacht belonging to the Cape Town Sailing Academy.

No Photoshopping here folks – this is the real deal, as reported by Joyanne’s SA Portfolio Travel blog and local newspaper Die Burger (which might be a bit Afrikaans for some readers).

The result: No injuries to crew. No apparent injury to whale.
R150,000 ($20,000) worth of injury to yacht.

UPDATE: And now there’s video of the allegedly harassed whale doing its thing.

7 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. First of all; the skipper should NOT have been that close to a pod of whales. I believe the minimum recommended distance is 50m…and don’t try and tell me he didn’t notice them!
    Secondly, judging by the photo, both skipper and calf must have got a hell of a fright!

  2. Tara > Reading the account on the Portfolio blog – seems like it happened pretty quickly:

    “We had been taking some pictures and had just decided to head back when a Southern Right whale, between 11 – 14 m long, breached about 100 meters away from us. It then suddenly breached about 10 meters from us and then – right on us! We were sailing so had no engine and we could not even take any action. Scary!”

    But yes. Very frightening for all concerned.

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