Stodels gone crazy?

Incoming from Cape Town’s favourite garden centre chain (terms & conditions apply):

At first glance, that tagline:

…our petunias is at a ridiculous low price.

appears to be absolutely appalling English. Because it is. But, and this is mainly for local readers, apply a Cape Coloured accent to it, and suddenly – brilliantly – it works. Especially if you stick a bit of emphasis on the ri-DIC-ulous bit.

So jy moet gaan na Stodels, waar brand dit, eksê! Is moerse lekker deals there, my bra!

*ahem* Sorry about that.

QR codes at Stodels

On Sunday morning, I was told in no uncertain terms by my 5 year old son that it was time to plant some more veg in the vegetable patch, so I took the kids down the road to Stodels to buy some seedlings.
And it was while we was there that we came across this:

Alex was particularly excited and insisted that I “buzzed” it with my phone (like I wasn’t going to anyway!). It took us to Stodel’s mobi site (specifically this page) with loads of information about each of the different veg that they had on offer and how to grow them.

Impressive and helpful stuff. I was impressed. And helped.