Nirvana Shovel

Shovels get a bad press. Whether it be as bizarre plate replacements, or in their more natural habitat as grave digging implements or road works collaborators – they’re always causing mischief.
It’s about time that shovels gave something back.
And they have chosen to begin giving back with this: playing the open chords of a Nirvana song.

Is it fake? Is it not? Who cares: what has been heard cannot be unheard.

Incidentally, one thing that isn’t fake is the Blur Song 2 Jubilee Line Underground gate. I know this, because I actually went through it when I was in London late last year.

Breakfast shovel

Back to my Ellan Vannin, with its green hills by the sea.

If you go to The Ticket Hall restaurant in the Douglas railway station in the Isle of Man and you ask for breakfast, you get it served like this:


I’m guessing that as a restaurant in the ticket hall (see what they did there?) of a steam train station, this is a nod to the engine drivers and firemen who used to cook their breakfasts in the firebox on the trains.

Nice touch? Too much of a gimmick? I’ll leave that up to you to decide, but in the meantime, please note the absence of any bacon (surely some sort of UN resolution has been broken here?)¬†and just imagine the size of their dishwasher.