Ask a medium

Not me. I’m very much an XL (careful now).

I have been to Rome without feeling nauseous though.

“Forced to goad a rhinoceros to make it angry enough to fight”

There’s a line I never thought I’d read. However, given that there are several (or more) rhinoceroses in SA, also:

We’re all laughing at this, right?
Well, just remember that, while it may seem hugely amusing that Jenny is making a living from this sort of nonsense, and that Catherine actually believes that what Jenny says is true, both these ladies have exactly the same democratic rights as you or I or anyone else. Their voice counts every little bit as much as yours. And you can only begin to guess how they use it.

They walk among us (although probably some distance from zoos and important historical monuments).

Should have seen it coming

The Sun newspaper has done an investigation into the £40m Psychic, Medium and Clairvoyant industry in the UK:

There have been numerous reports of people being ripped off by charlatans who claim to have abilities they do not.
All over the country mediums are charging anything between £30 and £200 for a one-hour session.

Of course, having read their damning report on this fraudulent, rip-off industry which preys on the most vulnerable and stupid members of society, if you still wish to contact a psychic, you can do so via, er… The Sun newspaper’s own “Mystic Meg”:


And at £1.53 per minute, that’s “just” £91.80 for an hour of complete bullshit psychic insight.

I predict that a lot of people are going to continue being ripped off.