Day 282 – Garmin watch not finding GPS – solved!

Yes. Garmin watch not finding GPS, or: “Wait for GPS” takes forever.


I had this issue recently and I pulled in information from all over the web to get it sorted. The problem was a pain, and having to look all over the internet for the solution was also a pain.

So I’m putting the answer that worked for me here in an effort to help others out and in case I should go through all that nonsense again and not recall how I fixed it.

Which was like this:

Download the Garmin Express app on your computer.
Login with your Garmin account details.
Attach your watch via the USB cable.
Open File Explorer and find the Garmin device folder.
Locate the RemoteSW folder.
Delete the RemoteSW folder.
Disconnect the watch from the computer (use the eject icon on the watch screen).
Reattach the watch via the USB cable.
Sync your device via the Garmin Express app.
You are done. Bob is your metaphorical uncle.

As far as I understand it (and remember that you don’t need to understand it to fix it), what you have done is to update the EPO data on your device. And that EPO data is basically the positions of all the satellites circling around the earth, allowing your watch to triangulate its position relative to those satellites it can “see”.

If this doesn’t work for you, sorry, I can’t help you any further.
But I really hope you get it mended soon and have a great day.

iTunes broke my PC

And judging by the recent traffic on the Apple support forums, I are not alone.
Suffice to say, don’t try and install any updates to the program if you’re running any version of Windows.

Something bad will happen.

Anyway, between trying to fix that, being a dragon guarding some treasure in the garden and heading out to a housewarming this evening, I find that I’m right out of time for posting anything other than this important warning.

You’re welcome.