iTunes broke my PC

And judging by the recent traffic on the Apple support forums, I are not alone.
Suffice to say, don’t try and install any updates to the program if you’re running any version of Windows.

Something bad will happen.

Anyway, between trying to fix that, being a dragon guarding some treasure in the garden and heading out to a housewarming this evening, I find that I’m right out of time for posting anything other than this important warning.

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “iTunes broke my PC

  1. Welcome to my world – I try to avoid anything by Apple that involves installing iTunes, it causes nothing but trouble!

    Enjoy the housewarming!

  2. Andy Gladwish > I’ll happily move away from iTunes, but iNeed to reinstall it before I can do that. It’s affected loads of other programs as well. Very, very annoying.
    Party was good thanks – Mrs 6000 did her bit to keep the SA wine industry afloat, so big props to her.

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