Day 69 – A life without plugins?

Another blog crash. And even when I deleted the plugin which had previously caused the problems: nothing. And so I have been forced to remove all the plugins. Including the one which makes it easy to write blog posts.

I’m really not sure where we go from here. Is this the new normal that everyone is speaking about?

But I do understand that these things are of little interest or relevance to you, dear reader.

I’ll get something sorted out.

Meanwhile, with at least some of the students returning to the kids’ school this week, there’s a full online programme for them to follow this morning, meaning that I am free to play domestic games like washing, ironing and prepping the fire for later. It’s a glamorous life. Later, I might walk the beagle around the block in defiance of absolutely no lockdown regulations (which were declared illegal and unconstitutional last night, anyway).

It’s all rather chaotic and I’m really not sure where we go from here.
Is this the new normal that everyone is speaking about?

Back to it: that bed ain’t going to change itself.

Baby Admin post

Do these count?
Of course they do.

I have added the tweetmeme plugin to my vast range of WordPress plugins which make my life easier and make your reading enjoyment all the more… enjoyable.

If you’re active on twitter (and let’s face it, these days, who isn’t?) you can now retweet the content that you see here with just the click of a single button (that little green one under the post).
Share the wealth. You know it makes sense.
One great feature is that you still get to edit the content of your tweet before you tweet it. I suppose some people would call that a twedit.
Not me, though.

Go on – choose a post (hopefully more interesting than this one) and tell the world you were here!

Just messing around

I’m playing and experimenting with various themes and plugins for WordPress. That’s why each time you visit the site, it looks slightly different and (probably) a bit crap too.

Length has never really been a problem for me, but I am very concerned about the lack of width. My passages seem to be a little constricted and there’s nothing worse than a constricted passage.  Sadly, it seems that your WordPress theme must either have loads of trashy artwork on it or just be very dull indeed. Thus, I’m despearately trying to find a widthy compromise between simplicity and excitement. 

With 1,625 themes to choose from, maybe I’m just being a bit fussy. But I know that my readers demand nothing but the highest standards from 6000 miles… and I hate to disappoint.

Bear with me. I’ll get it sorted soon. I have to. The boy is due to wake from his daytime slumbers at any moment and then we will have a whole lot of lego to play with and a vast array of teddies to arrange. The fun never stops.