Day 173 – Back to it

The boy starts Dodgeball Academy training again this evening for the first time in 6+ months.

We’ve already noted that for kids – despite our best plans and their best adaptability – returning to things that were routine and normal before isn’t always straightforward in this con-Covid world.

Going back to something you did before after a long period of time away is always a bit weird. But when you underpin your foundations for dealing with that weirdness on your experiences BTV and everything is now suddenly completely different – well, it takes some getting used to.

Add to that, the fact that it will affect everyone in different ways and everyone will have different ways of dealing with it, and there’s no simple answer, limited preparation you can offer as a parent (save to say that you know it’s going to be a bit odd) and no “one size fits all” solution.

I’m hoping that things do go well this evening, that parents and students support one another and that the group leader treats them all with kid gloves on this first time back. A bit of empathy and understanding goes a long way to making these things so much easier.

Day 69 – A life without plugins?

Another blog crash. And even when I deleted the plugin which had previously caused the problems: nothing. And so I have been forced to remove all the plugins. Including the one which makes it easy to write blog posts.

I’m really not sure where we go from here. Is this the new normal that everyone is speaking about?

But I do understand that these things are of little interest or relevance to you, dear reader.

I’ll get something sorted out.

Meanwhile, with at least some of the students returning to the kids’ school this week, there’s a full online programme for them to follow this morning, meaning that I am free to play domestic games like washing, ironing and prepping the fire for later. It’s a glamorous life. Later, I might walk the beagle around the block in defiance of absolutely no lockdown regulations (which were declared illegal and unconstitutional last night, anyway).

It’s all rather chaotic and I’m really not sure where we go from here.
Is this the new normal that everyone is speaking about?

Back to it: that bed ain’t going to change itself.