Who’s playing at Montreux?

Lots of people: it’s a big festival. But three that I specifically want to see: a-ha (which is how I ended up on the Montreux website, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and Gabriels who have been doing some really amazing stuff lately.

And, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, all their sets will be available for livestreaming… live… as they perform.

a-ha are on at 11pm tomorrow (Friday) evening, Nick Cave 11pm on Saturday and Gabriels at 8:30pm on Wednesday the 6th July. All for free. Gratis. Mahala.

Click here for more details and for more free streams of other artists at the festival.

No More Shall We Part

One of the most hauntingly beautiful, yet hauntingly sobering wedding songs ever. And yes, sadly this is the best version I could find with a video.

Here’s the “real” (album) version, if you don’t need moving pictures. (Which I feel you actually do for blogging purposes.)

I heard this on an electronic dance radio show (I know, you do the maths) I was listening to in the lab, and I found that it was a welcome break from the beepy noises, which was actually something of a surprise, because I thought that I was quite enjoying the beepy noises.