Day 322 – Keys?

OK. I’m writing this yesterday, so that today can be used for completing the packing and beginning the next stage of the moving process.

There is a chance that we might be able to pick up the keys to the new place today. We can’t officially move in, but we might be able to dump some stuff in the garage where it will remain for the next 10 years or more.

Seriously though, anything we can remove from this house and put into the other house before the upcoming chaos of the real move day will be of great help, and so I’m hopeful that things work out well today and we can (quite literally) spread the load a little.

I’ll be in touch.

Day 269 – The day of rest

I’m not going to be writing much here today, especially after the last few days which have seen several thousand of my words spread in pixel form across these pages. I have been busy in the house as part of The Big Clearout¬†ahead of The Move and I have been busy making sure that the garden remains every bit as nice as when the people who are buying our house last saw it.

Add to that a quick walk down to the local shops (because other people around here have to stay in the house and not go out in public for reasons) to find ingredients for christmas treats (currently being manufactured in the kitchen by my daughter).

We also tried to mend the router, which has been on its last legs for a while now. We couldn’t, we gave up and we bought a new one, so you’ll note that it’s been a busy morning.

I have big plans to watch some football and (possibly) have a beer this afternoon.

More tomorrow. There’s always more tomorrow.