Day 528 – Same Whatsapp group


Sadly, you know the type.
Spreading misinformation about vaccines, believing that the pandemic is a fraud:

[Sidenote: Really difficult for people to die in decreasing numbers.]

The type that generally tends to like a bit of hyperbole:

You know the ones.

And sure. You take those sort of tweets at face value and it could all seem a bit scary.

So don’t.

Balance things up by understanding that these tweets are from the same person that looks up into the sky, sees this:

…and thinks that the weather is being engineered by the same organisations that made up the pandemic.

And then – amazingly, but also obviously – connects the two…

r/shittyHDR candidate

6 viruses (lots of lab work to count them individually) and a case of Covid (which didn’t exist earlier, remember?) in 3 months all because of some beautiful pre-frontal skies. These people must get sick a lot.
Oh, and a seizure and a dash to the hospital (that bit clearly slipped their mind initially).

Weirdly, looking back, not a single mention of any of that on their Twitter feed at the time. A few photos of a night out, some talk of a motorcycle race, angry claims that the pandemic is a scam, the usual stuff.
But no seizure and rush to hospital thing. Odd. You’d think… ah, never mind.

In fact, glancing through this timeline, I think it’s best that if you know this person (who I am choosing not to identify right now), you get away quickly. It’s not just the sickness when there are clouds in the sky (oh, and the seizure). The number of people they know that have died from being vaccinated is through. the. roof.
It’s almost (almost) completely unbelievable.
I also know lots of people who have had the jab and they are absolutely fine, so I did some rudimentary calculations in order to try to tie this weird anomaly down to some common cause, and it seems that it’s ‘knowing this person’ which is the risk factor here (p <0.05).
So be warned.

Of course, people can think what they want and live their Walter Mitty fantasy lives if they so wish, although I’d rather that they didn’t share the details as if they were actually true. But what I am saying here is, when you see these horror stories of post-vaccination deaths and claims of fraudulent pandemics, just remember where they are coming from.

The person that is spreading this stuff also thinks that some cirrus clouds made their family sick for three months.

9/11 was an inside job, Moon landings fake, Earth flat, 5G ate my hamster: same Whatsapp group.

They – as has so often been mentioned – walk amongst us.

Day 514 – I’d like to report a murder

Ooh dear. Professor Cookbook is still heading down the lunacy rabbithole. Sadly(?) he’s taking his 146,000 twitter followers with him. He responded to a horrifically fake video on [checks notes] @Katwoman6620’s…

(Mother of 2 awake teens, love travel, history, books, animals, footy & snooker. Snorkeling is my happy place. Hate cruelty, ignorance & social climbers!)

…timeline, musing:

Perhaps it’s all finally beginning to unravel. As Dr Judy Mikovits predicted it would nearly 2 years ago. Maybe the conspiracy is real (after all).

And then went on to suggest that the vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 wasn’t actually a vaccine at all. Thankfully, in stepped Professor Shabir Madhi – Prof of Vaccinology at Wits – with this gem:

Ouch. Is he even still breathing?

Of course, there’s a serious side to this as well. Tim’s cult hangs on his every word, and so they now likely also all think that the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t a vaccine. And while Tim has been been circling the edge of the anti-vax black hole for a while now, it does seem that he has finally been pulled in by the immense gravitational force acting upon his ridiculously large ego.

There’s free speech and there’s blatant, dangerous misinformation. It’s time for UCT to take away that honorary title that he so proudly displays right after his cookbook credentials, and to distance themselves from this total and utter moonbat. Prevent any further reputational damage to their institution via this direct association.

It would send out a strong message that abusing the power and privilege which they bestowed upon him – and others – will not be tolerated. And damn straight, too: this sort of BS costs lives.