Day 550 – Hand out the drugs

Never a bad idea (if you’re a pharmacist).

I like this electro-pop/dream-pop combination, and it’s even better thanks to the video of Ryan Gosling and (?)Carey Mulligan whizzing around LA and knocking off all the people that they don’t like. I wish I… oh… never mind.

Tomorrow, the plot twist downer (no pun intended) by The Verve: The drugs don’t work.


Flying high, originally uploaded by Ballacorkish.

It’s been a taxing day in many ways and so we’re heading quota photoward again. Sorry about that.
This one could have been taken in Cape Town today (although it wasn’t): bright and sunny with stunningly clear blue skies, so we chopped down some┬átrees in the garden and burned the wood under some meat.

It’s nice to be back home. Although the trees aren’t hugely happy about the whole return thing.