Just another indie playlist

Well… Indie/Britpop and anything else that I fancied actually.
You may recognise a few songs from previous blog posts.

Dive into (a bit of) my musical world here:



Have fun.

Go! (again)

((again) because it’s not this post)

I was going to share some music with you this morning, but then I went into the lab and I listened to some other music and now I want to share some of that with you instead. The beauty of this arrangement is that I am still able to share the original music with you at a later date and therefore you get two tracks for the price of one and that price was free anyway.

Can you say “Bargain”?
Of course you can, because that throat surgery was wholly successful, wasn’t it?

That then, is “the other PSB” – Public Service Broadcasting, whose debut album, Inform – Educate – Entertain, was released in 2013 and was listened to in the lab a bit earlier today.

It’s very different, isn’t it? And also very catchy. The new album, The Race For Space, (from which the above is taken) is also worth almost 44 minutes of your valuable time (which is all it will take first time around, promise).

Can You Dig It?

Not a lot of time tonight, so as I have found myself craving British indie music from the early 1990s and with a huge variety to choose from, I hereby present the Mock Turtles with their biggest hit Can You Dig It?

This, along with anything by the Inspiral Carpets, The Farm, Happy Mondays, Soup Dragons, Candy Flip, Stone Roses or Carter USM was the staple aural diet in those days. 20 years on *weep* and I’m heading for iTunes and an indie compilation album download to satisfy my needs.