Belated Flickr Update

We found ourselves in the midst of some ridiculously mild weather for the midwinter’s weekend, and thus we headed up to Rhodes Memorial to sample some views and some nature.
Yes, I took a few photos, the kids spotted a quagga or three and there may have been the bonus of tea and cake at the little restaurant up there.

It was only when I did a quick upload this evening that I realised that there were some photos from last month (OMG, no?!?) (But actually OMG, yes!) that had yet to be uploaded to Flickr as well.

This I have now done. And suddenly, I have a whole new raft of potential quota photos!

I promise to use them sparingly and only when necessary.

I tacked the old photos from last month onto this album, and I put today’s stuff here. Go see!

Dat Update…

After so many promises, I finally found time, internet, energy and inclination to get some photos from the last few weeks up onto the internet. And here’s the link you’ve all been waiting for. *wilting fanfare*

Nothing hugely spectacular, I don’t think – I’m still learning on my new camera – but there are family memories, school stuff, some big cats, occasional wildlife and an inevitable sunset or two.

Or three.