But why this earworm?

Keep finding myself humming and singing this one over the last few days:

Can’t work out why…


Oh wait. Got it. 🙁

They never released this as a single, which is why I had to half-inch a copy off a German charity evening TV broadcast. Big up Elke Gerrietz and her €200 donation. It’ll make a huge difference to… whatever it is they’re raising money for.

Earworm removal

We’ve touched ever so briefly on the fear of worm infestation before on this blog and being a microbiologist, I am able to advise you that should you find yourself infested with worms of the intestinal variety (Ascaris lumbricoides, Taenia solium, Taenia saginata etc etc) then you should take a good dose of metronidazole and call me in the morning.
Or not at all, if you prefer.  I know I would. Hearing about other people’s flatulence and loose stools leaves me cold.

But no – I’m here to recommend a “cure” for earworms. Those are the really annoying songs that get into your head (usually at breakfast time) and then persist throughout the day, ruining your life 24 hours at a time. Like the theme from the Muppet Show or anything by Rick Astley or Justin Bieber. Hateful.

But fear not, because (obviously) the internet  has an answer. Now there’s Unhearit.com:

The good part of Unhearit.com is that their “latest in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology” does actually work: The Muppets, Rick or Justin are removed from your brain.
The bad bit is that they’re not so much cleaned away as… well… replaced. And although you didn’t actually think that it was possible when you clicked through, you may well find that it’s replaced with something even more annoying.

Random choices include Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm by the Crash Test Dummies, a rather obscure mix of Haddaway’s What Is Love and the ever-popular La Macarena.

Any of which may leave you desperate for the return of Kermit et al.