Jet waves

More from Facebook, and from my favourite group thereon, previously mentioned here.

Here’s an image shared to the group by one of its members.

Given the geographical position of the island in question, together with the profile of the aircraft, it’s most likely to be a 777 going from somewhere in Western Europe to somewhere in the USA.

But this is just a post from a guy who has spotted the plane going overhead, pointed his camera heavenward and pressed a button. It doesn’t matter where the plane is going from or heading to. We don’t need to know: the strength of this image is its sheer simplicity

But then, there’s always one, isn’t there? Because in the comments below, this:

I must admit that I hadn’t even considered this aspect of the situation.

The picture was ok. Look, I wasn’t hugely impressed with it, but it was ok. Just nice. And, being me, I had thought a bit about the type of plane and its likely journey. But as I mentioned above, that’s not what matters. And I was inadvertently right.

Because what actually really matters are the jet waves polluting our sky. Yeh?

Air travel isn’t the cleanest form of transport. It’s getting there, with the all new A350-10 series belching a whole 25% less carbon dioxide than its predecessor and such, but putting couple of hundred tonnes of aluminium and suitcases 10kms up into the sky and then moving it several thousand kilometres is always going to be a fuel intensive process. I knew that. But I hadn’t thought about the jet waves, polluting our sky. And I’m sure I wasn’t alone in this. Because no-one ever thinks about the jet waves, do they?

And yet, there they go. Those jet waves. Polluting our sky.

Chemtrails? You’re Welkom.

I mean, we see them over Sheffield all the time, and we don’t get them over Cape Town (save perhaps for the odd occasion when SA223 takes a slightly southerly track), but now “they” are spraying chemtrails all over the Free State, affecting the weather patterns and effecting “their” mind control on the citizens of Welkom. (Good luck with that.)

Don’t believe me? Just check out this video evidence.

Obviously, it couldn’t just be vapour trails from one of the numerous daily Cape Town to Joburg flights which pass almost directly over Welkom, could it? - Live flight tracker! - Google Chrome 2015-06-26 022103 PM.bmp

Although, of course, that’s what “they” want you to think. Because that’s how “they” disguise “their” nefarious acts, isn’t it? I’ve been fooled.

One of the commenters on that video is a one Jo Rautenbach. Jo is no fool when it comes to the truth about chemtrails:

maybe you and I are the only ones aware of this stuff if 82 people have watched this and nobody has anything to say!

Or maybe nobody is allowed to comment, Jo… hashtag mind control.
Jo’s Youtube profile makes vaguely interesting reading, with likes on videos by US loons about the Pope, and CERN and ley lines, and crop circles in the Netherlands and 12th planet observation, interspersed with the highlights of various sessions of the Co-operative Funeralcare European Masters bowls tournament.

If you ever happen to read this, Jo, then yes, obviously I am a secret agent from the CIA/Mossad/The Illuminati/Project Nibiru sent with the mission of ridiculing you and your beliefs.

And I’d just like to say a big thank you for making it so very easy to do.