New look

Following on and buoyed, I suspect, from his unqualified success in sorting out the Youtube issue on here, The Guru has gone wild on the coding front, redesigning the entire site (but sadly for you, not the actual writing bits). I got my first glimpse of the new look yesterday evening and it looks clean, crisp and professional (even when you include the writing bits).

It’s not quite ready yet. Initially, having read the email incorrectly, I thought that The Guru was going to do some twerking over the weekend. Knowing the sort of guy that The Guru is, I must say that I was slightly surprised by a) this choice of pastime and b) the relevance to the work he was doing on the blog.
Having looked again though, he plans to do some tweaking. This might iron out any slight issues with the new design, but it does nothing to get rid of the frankly terrifying mental images that had unfortunately already been generated.

One thing I need to try and do is make a new banner. I’m not very good at that sort of thing – the last one took 3 weeks. And look at it. Hmm. Anyway, I’ll try and get that done after my belly-dancing class on Saturday.

Look out for a radical new look real soon now, beloved readers.

New on the blogroll

Scarfolk Council. I suggest that this might appeal more to those readers who had the misfortune to live in the UK through the 1970s, but there’s enough intriguingly weird stuff there to make it worth a visit and a read.


It’s like the League of Gentlemen’s Royston Vasey has collided with real 70s life in a Northern town. But then, those two were never really that far apart anyway.

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Bit of a boring one this, but probably a useful one as well. For me, at least.

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Before things get messy, just a quick overly-sentimental message from me down here at the Southern Tip. Many thanks to you guys for reading 6000 miles… this year – and especially those who have commented here or on Facebook.

Amazingly, it’s been another record breaking year for the blog and that’s solely down to people like you coming to read my drivel.

So thank you, have a great New Year and a successful and safe 2014. We’ll still be here to keep you company – you know the address.